Back In The Saddle.

I believe I said in my last post that I was “back.”

I lied.

My training this summer has been sporadic, and I ran when I only didn’t have anything planned after work. Waking up at 6 a.m. to run in Central Park fell by the way side, and I typically opted for sleeping in until 7:30. I found my stress and anxiety continually rising. I chose to get back on my anti-anxiety and IBS meds in an attempt to make my irritation subside. Afterall, IBS is no stranger to me, as I have had it since I was 17.

Then, my body actively rejected anything and everything consumed after Claire’s Beer Run.

For a week, I didn’t consume alcohol and attempted a gluten-free diet. I kept a food journal. I continued to have random bouts of sickness.

I spoke with Claire about my situation a couple of weeks ago, and she immediately offered to take me out for an easy run in Central Park after work. She suggested that perhaps the “routine of training” was what was missing from my life, and that is why things have been out of whack.

So we did. And it was lovely. And a few days later, I was sick randomly again.

I spoke with Maria about it last week. She, too, had the itch of getting into a training simulator, even though she had no fall race.

I said, “I need to act as if I have signed up for something. Maybe just start running with friends. Something’s gotta give.”

So I volleyed the idea of a long run—my first double digit run since my spring marathon—this morning. My goal was 10 miles at an easy pace. The weather wasn’t optimal with high temps and humidity, but I didn’t care. I was going to be in the company of my friend and doing what I love.

Elyssa also wanted an easy run, and met up with us on the West Side Highway. She picked up Robin, and the four of us set off up the West Side Highway through Riverside Park. All of us seemed to be in the same boat. We just wanted to run. That was the only goal in mind.

There were water stops, Gu breaks, cramping, talks of Gene Parmesan, and a glorious rainshower that broke the humidity at the end of our run.

Running into the darkness.

There was also a bird that dropped dead out of the sky and landed in front of my feet on 5th Avenue. Can someone please explain to me the symbolism of that?

I accomplished my goal. And then some. 10.5 miles in 1:38. After months of no training, no goals, and continual ailments, I’ll take it.


This has put my mind at ease. I’m very happy with this morning’s run. The company was grand, and the feeling immediately following is something I’ve forgotten. Marathon training, with it’s continual activity, keeps my stress low and my stomach at ease. That may sound crazy, but it’s what works for me.

Am I finally back? I hope so. Next week I’ll be putting speed work and tempo runs back into my daily routine. Coach has me on a pre-Gasparilla training routine to reach my goal of a sub 1:40 half marathon.

Normalcy, I see you on the horizon, and I’ve got my sights set on you.


  • Robin K

    So lovely to see you and get to run with you today! I am quite happy that you’re heading in the right direction for feeling good in general and feeling good about running!

    Also, I derive IMMENSE joy from our good friend Gene being tagged in this post. He got me again!!!!!! <3

  • Kelly

    You’re back! Hooray! Have you felt any better since avoiding peanut butter? I’m curious if that was the main factor. If you ever want to wake up really early and run, let me know because I’m dying for company 🙂

  • Ali

    Yay! Solid run, Abbe Lew!

    I also love that you believe training and running HELP your stomach. I absolutely feel the same way. It’s something that calms you and makes you feel good — and your body responds accordingly. People LOVE telling me to “stop running” the second my stomach begins to go batshit. Everyone loves blaming running, when really it’s more therapeutic than most of the medicines the doctors will hand out. Keep doing what works for you. Also eat cheese.

  • Joe

    I know EXACTLY what you are saying. I take my kids to school in NJ and pick them up, so I can’t really work out before or after work right now. It is throwing me off in the worst way. I can’t wait until we are settled into the new place so that my routine can return to nornal. BTW, SUB 1:40 is the next goal?? Huge!!

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