A Discovery.

Apparently I’m in “base training” to get ready for the Connemarathon in early April. Ugh, early April. April 7, to be exact. That means it will be here quicker than I realize. Early April may as well be March.

Then I had a conversation:

Coach? I don’t really need to do speed work during base training, right? Isn’t it just to work on getting your miles in?”

“No. Do your speed work.”

Great. My speed workouts have been few and far between. A few fartleks (it’s a real term, look it up) here and there. No intervals. No repeats. Nothing. Once in awhile I would charge around Central Park as fast as I could (and once on a stomach filled with a cauliflower lunch—apologies to the people who ran behind me—that’s a different kind of fartlek).

Monday’s workout called for intervals with 2:00 going at marathon goal pace and 3:00 easy. Or as I like to say, 2:00 on; 3:00 off. My MGP for Kentucky Derby was 8:00, which failed after a 16-mile side stitch. The truth is, I have no idea what my goal pace for Connemar is; the difficult course is leaving me without high hopes and expectations. I decided that my goal pace would be, “go as fast as you can and do the best you can do.” Cheesy, yes, but I can’t get myself too excited about terrain that I haven’t seen or been on since I was 13.

So, I did as coach said and got ready for Monday’s speed work. Normally for intervals, I turn my auto-lap off, which leads me focusing a bit too much on my watch; my intervals are shotty between 1:57-2:05.

Then, whilst scrolling through my Garmin’s menu options, I made a discovery. I saw ‘Interval’ option, something I had seen but have never tried (I’m piss poor when it comes to reading manuals; I’d much rather figure it out on my own).

I pressed ‘ok’ and had a brief conversation with myself:

“..Oh! Warm-up? Yes, please…”

::Beep, Beep::

“…2:00….3:00… COOL DOWN?! Don’t mind if I do!”

Once my satellites were found, I took off on my warm-up through the East Drive. After 5:00, I pressed my lap button, and was greeted by a series of beeps. That same series of beeps would happen every 2 and 3 minutes. As I couldn’t see my my pace because of the darkness, I decided to only listen to my legs and the beeps, keeping my ‘on’ minutes at a pace that felt tough enough for a marathon.

I came home with trashed legs and anxiously plugged my Garmin in my computer to see my statistics.

I'm horrendously excited about this.
I’m a nerd and horrendously excited about this.

I still may not have a marathon goal pace, but I’ll take those stats. I just wish I figured this shit out two years ago…

Here’s looking forward to more intervals and more discoveries in 2013!


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