Risotto With Roasted Tomatoes, Parmesan, Thyme.

Seasons greetings! It’s been awhile, indeed. Now that the holiday hubbub has slowed down a bit (my folks came up for our annual Christmas in New York), I can sit down and take a breather, and write about food and funtivities and goings-ons.

And perhaps I’ll write about running, since that seems to be rearing it’s ugly head for another marathon season.

Anywho. Before my parents arrived, a couple of friends came over to kick off the holiday funtivities. We ate, drank, and made merry, and I promptly fell asleep after due to the effects of kosher wine.

Disclaimer: Although this dish dons red and green Christmas colors, it can be enjoyed year-round.

Risotto With Roasted Tomatoes, Parmesan, Thyme

Oh hey there, subway tiles.
Oh hey there, subway tiles.

Serves 4

1 ½ cups arborio rice
½ large yellow onion, diced
1 bunch cherry tomatoes on the vine
6 cups chicken stock
⅓ cup white wine
¾ cup Parmesan, grated
2 Tbsps. thyme, diced
3-4 Thyme sprigs for baking tomatoes
Salt & pepper
Balsamic vinegar, if desired

1. Preheat oven to 300˚ F.
2. In a mixing bowl, toss tomatoes with thyme sprigs, olive oil, salt and pepper. Transfer to baking sheet, bake for 20-30 minutes until tender; remove and reserve in bowl.
3. In small pot, heat chicken stock over low flame.
4. In medium saucepan, sweat onion 10 minutes until soft and slightly golden in color. Season with salt. Stir in rice and sweat for 5 minutes more.
5. Deglaze pan with white wine, bringing up brown bits from the bottom of the pan. Reduce wine to a Tablespoon of liquid.
6. Starting with one cup at a time, add chicken stock and cook over medium-low heat. Continue to add cup by cup until rice is tender and al dente, about 20-30 minutes.
7. Stir in Parmesan and season with salt and pepper.
8. To serve, scoop risotto into bowls, and top with tomatoes, minced thyme, and shavings of Parmesan. Drizzle with balsamic vinegar if desired.

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  • Claire

    Having been among those couple of friends who ate this, I can confirm it is delicious. That’s not even the kosher wine talking.

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