The Cure For What Ails Some.

So. A certain someone in the Lewis/Baker household decided to spend the day eating things centered around cheeseburgers, sliders, and nachos, which left his/her bowels quite harmed. And after a few days of continuing to eat said greasy food and having bowel problems, he/she was unable to drink beer for his/her stomach was upset and full.

So I suggested said person drink a Negroni in the case that it would settle the stomach.

Whoops. I think I just revealed who the sicky was.

So, imbibe this cocktail for whatever ails you. Or enjoy it for the new year.

Happy happy, everyone!

Serves 1

Pretty, yet potent.

In a rocks glass over ice, combine equal parts Campari, sweet vermouth, and gin. Rim the glass with an orange peel, spritz said orange peel into cocktail and serve.

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