A Boost of Confidence.

So, it seems we’re seven weeks out from the Connemarathon. As per usual, I went out for my long run on Saturday morning with my Nathan and Gu’s in tow and hit the pavement in the Park. As of late, my mantra has been ‘just go with it’, simply put, I see how my legs feel in the first mile or two, go from there, and try not to hold myself back.

And then this happened.


While I was supposed to be running at 8:45-8:50, I hit miles 11, 13, 14, and 16 at my marathon goal pace. And truthfully, I’m not even planning on running Connemar at an 8:00 pace. Haven’t we discussed that thing called the Hell of the West?

Regardless, that’s a nice boost of confidence for my upcoming half marathon.

Sub 1:40 or bust. (Please, please let’s not bust.)


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