The Joe Kleinerman 10K & Other Things.

I haven’t  written a recap of the Joe Kleinerman 10k simply because there isn’t really much to say. A 10k is 6.2 miles; the circumference around Central Park is 6 miles. Ergo, the race was one loop of the park. And, ergo, I can’t give a play by play as I run this loop at least twice a week.

I will say that I’m very happy with my race performance and the weather was warmer than normal.

Oh good, I ran further than I was supposed to.
Oh good, I ran further than I was supposed to.

And, you may have heard that we’ve had another snowstorm in the Northeast. And while I flopped my hill repeats to Monday knowing it would be cold conditions for my normal Tuesday speed workout, I was unaware of the total snow accumulation until bright and early yesterday morning.

Looks like I may have another battle with the treadmill come tempo Thursday.


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