Wrap It Up: Tampa Surprise.

Last summer, His Lordship, his brothers, and his step-father plotted together a surprise 60th birthday party.

And so, this past weekend, we packed up and headed to Tampa where the guest of honor (His Lordship’s mother) was to be surprised/greeted by her three sons, brother and sisters, and close friends.

A surprise party it was indeed, regardless of how difficult it was to keep a secret with the vast landscape that is social media.

Tampa, by the numbers:

No. of Surprised Moms: 1, duh. And we caught it on film. And there was crying (which was to be expected).


No. of Miles Run: 11. The good news about this run, is that the warm(er) weather in Florida made this my first outdoor shorts run of 2014. The bad news is that an extra mile was added due to getting lost. That, and the insufferable hacking due to impending bronchitis (whoops). Whatever, a run in tank top and shorts that does not involve a gym is a huge win in my book.

Well, at least we managed to run to both bays!
Well, at least we managed to run to both bays!

No. of Parades: 1. It just so happens that Gasparilla—one of the most widely celebrated days in Tampa—happened to fall on my future mother-in-law’s birthday. It was like Haley’s Comet. But with a shitload of drunk people. And exposed body parts.

Hey, Dragon Float! Throw us some beads!
Hey, Dragon Float! Throw us some beads!

No frills, just another wonderful weekend with family.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some chicken soup to tend to.


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