Recap: NYRR Gridiron 4M.

Truthfully, I love the Gridiron 4 Miler. It’s probably most likely due to the fact that I know I will be consuming mass quantities of fried items and cheese.

Regardless, I generally have an enjoyable time.


As my bronchitis acted as a big deterrent in last week’s training cycle, I decided to tack on extra miles before and after the race to give myself a long training run.

However, during my 2 mile warmup, I felt a sour feeling in my bowels. And instead of pulling over and using the facilities, I lined up in my corral and awaited the gun.

The first two miles were… fine (my Garmin reads 7:54 and 7:33 for those). I saw His Lordship cheering at 96th Street, and while this generally gives me a boost during races (generally) it gave me a reason to stop trying.

The view from His Lordship. I'm in there somewhere. Feeling pleasant.
The view from His Lordship. I’m in there somewhere. Feeling pleasant.

I rounded to 102 and lost a lot of steam in my legs.

And then somewhere along the West Side Rollers, I desperately wanted to crawl off the course to poop or vomit. Maybe both simultaneously.

I slowed down, gathered my thoughts, and somehow made it through the finish. And, long run be damned (and hoping for the best) I walked/ran home.


I generally enjoy myself during this run.

I blame the amount of beansy taking over my pantry.

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