The Travel Diet.

Traveling, by nature, is a time for good eats. (For me, anyway.)

But how does one consume all the food (without vomiting) and still not feel bloated upon their return home?

Unless my travels take me to walking cities, this is something I’m still struggling with at the ripe ol’ age of 29.

Last weekend’s trip involved a beach and Puerto Rican delicacies.

My first luncheon involved two chicken tacos. The tacos were so large that His Lordship and I could have split them and been completely full, but this was not the case. I happily ate both of them. And the accompanying French fries.

I washed the tacos down with a dinner of ham croquettes and mofongo filled with shrimp. I think there was a side salad somewhere in there.

Taken at a bar. That explains the color.
Taken at a bar. That explains the color.

As if that weren’t enough, I ate nachos for Sunday lunch and pork and rice for Sunday dinner without breaking a sweat.

Why yes I AM the poster child of health.
Why yes I AM the poster child of health.

Though I had grand intentions of running (yes, the Newtons were packed), no miles were had. Instead, exercise included swimming, snorkeling, and paddle boarding. And though I have a new found love for paddle boarding, I realized one doesn’t actually burn anything except for one’s skin.

I returned to the City feeling a little heavier than normal, for obvious reasons.

And though I’ve run twice since being home, the distended stomach is still there. I forgot to mention that my travel “diet” continued through the week for various work functions and dinners (onion rings, fried chicken, mint ice cream, pork roulade, and fried chicken skin were all had during these).

Regardless, I see all these skinny people go on vacation and return looking wonderfully refreshed and well-rested, without an ounce of fat gained from “living the sweet life out in BEAUTIFUL San Fernando Valley.” How do you do it? How can I do it?

And if you tell me to stop eating so much, I’ll punch you. I’ll punch you right in the mouth.

4 thoughts on “The Travel Diet.

  1. The only reason I ate all those candied chicken skins last night was to save you from eating them. You should be thanking me. Also that mint ice cream was good and I have no regrets.

    For real though, I’m in the same boat, having been on the move since the middle of April. I try to cut myself some slack, and then eat boring midtown lunch salads (and, sadly, try not to booze my face off, save for last night…) until I’m feeling back to my old self.

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