Staycation: I’m Finally Doing It Right.

And so, weekend number 2 of May consisted of my family visiting the Big Apple.

Bunny ears are typical in our family photos.
Bunny ears are typical in our family photos.

As any sane Type A person would do, I made an itinerary prior to their trip. Most of the notes on the itinerary, however, were restaurant reservations. And while my folks and brother are damn fine eaters, I knew we needed more to do, particularly because my brother hasn’t gone to any of the New York City landmarks.

And after walking through the depths of Chinatown on Sunday afternoon, I realized I’m finally, FINALLY doing it right.

Cassette tapes, anyone? I can tell you where to find them.
Cassette tapes, anyone? I can tell you where to find them.

It only took me seven years. (And a partner rich with New York City history.)

Let’s wrap it up:

Restaurant Recommendation of the Weekend: Mother’s Day dinner at Comodo in Soho. Not only did I eat my entire meal, but also mopped up the rest of my father’s poblano bolognese. (Don’t worry, I ran on Sunday morning, which gets me to…) Mother’s Day Brunch at Clement at the Peninsula Hotel came in for a close second (and included an A-list celebrity sighting).

No. of Miles Run:15.83. Nope, I didn’t let the travel diet ruin my fun this time. Bolognese, INDEED.

Must Do Funtivity: A boat ride. Any boat ride. Ours consisted of NYC’s water taxi which took us on a tour from Christopher Street to Battery Park, to Brooklyn, to the Statue of Liberty, and back up to West 39th Street. And, throughout the boat ride, a fine gentleman told us bits of New York City history (he wasn’t random, he works for Water Taxi). Not even His Lordship knew that Governor’s Island is (essentially) an abandoned Coast Guard base.

Up close! So pretty! It's okay to be a tourist!
Up close! So pretty! It’s okay to be a tourist!

Other things of note included the aforementioned stroll through Chinatown, seeing Denzel Washington on broadway (seriously, AMAZING), the grand beer list and even more grand shishito peppers at Randolph Beer, and a surprising dinner at The General.

Now it seems we’re in Taper Town.

Making the travel diet all the more challenging with my upcoming trip to Chicagoland.


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  1. Hey I took a boat last weekend too! Also, I read it as “and a rich partner” and not “a partner rich…” and I was like “well that’s a bit tacky but get it gurl!” The end, bye!

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