Wrap It Up: The Bachelorette.

I must say that prior to my journey, I was both excited and nervous for my bachelorette party.

As I’m nearing 30, I’ve had the opportunity to attend several bachelorettes for my friends—all of them wonderful—but I know how these go down (please reference Bethaney’s “Pics from a Toileted Camera” photo album on Facebook). I prepared myself (and my liver) for four days of debauchery with some of my closest friends from near and far.

And just to put it plain and simple: it was one of—if not the most—greatest trips of my life.

That said, I’ll wrap it up:

No. of Miles Run: 4. Despite what you may think, I actually ran. I ran once. With Katie and Susan. And it was 9:30 in the morning. And it was the worst decision I’ve ever made.

I recommend running on the street where stores keep their doors open. Ahhh, A/C.
I recommend running on the street where stores keep their doors open. Ahhh, A/C.

No. of Trips to Finnegan’s: 5. This could also be 6, but things get a little foggy as we both started and finished our nights at this bar. (Who can say no to a $3.50 happy hour wine?)

No. of Bottles at Bottle Service: 2. They were vodka. I opted for wine.

Like a wizard.
Like a wizard.

Amount of $ Spent on Said Bottles: Zero. Play on, playa.

No. of Times I Fell in the Street: 1. It was something out of a movie: my comrade and I were hailing a cab, and upon yelling, “WAAAAAAAIIIITTTTT,” I tripped on my four-inch heel and faceplanted. Note that this was before heading to a swanky club. I’m very fancy.

No. of Rooftop Photos: 79. A rough estimate, but a boatload were taken as we sipped our coffee there in the morning and sipped our wine there in the afternoon.

Not a bad seat in the house.
Not a bad seat in the house.

Restaurant Recommendation of the Weekend: Pubbelly. We ate at several fine choices in Miami, but Pubbelly rocked my socks off with their Mofongo with pork belly. MOFONGO WITH PORK BELLY. WHY AM I NOT EATING THIS EVERY DAY?!


And finally, I’ll wrap it up with my favorite part of the weekend: waking up with a huge grin on my face every morning. Corny, but true, as I just couldn’t get over the fact that my friends were corralled in one spot. Even my friends that couldn’t make it made their presence known by way of nifty gifties.

Huge thanks (again and again) to my friends and my Team Captain for hosting such a glorious occasion.

Twas a weekend I won’t soon forget.



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  1. CORRECTION: There were 3 bottles (2 vodka, 1 magnum of champagne which could be classified as actually 2 so 4 bottles…)

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