A Quick Mini 10K Recap.

If there’s one thing the Oakley Mini 10K has going for it, it’s predictability.

Like clockwork, it was hot, humid, and my stomach wasn’t up to the challenge.

And, just like clockwork, I wanted to exit at Engineer’s Gate and crawl back in bed.

I didn’t, and I finished (just barely), and I returned home completely lacking nutrition and energy.

(Again, predictable.)

Not too much later, I learned that a former colleague and dear friend lost his long battle with stage four lung cancer.

Though he was no athlete, he was always interested in what races His Lordship and I were doing, and always nagged at me to run more.

“You’re my inspiration,” he once told me.

And now he’s mine.

My inspiration to never give up.

To never quit when all you want to do is exit at Engineer’s Gate and go crawl back in bed.

To always put one foot in front of the other.

Because it’s what I love.

And there’s no reason to quit that.

I really do wish the cat had a snooze button.
I really do wish the cat had a snooze button.

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