Out Of NYC For NYE.

As many individuals know, New York City boasts grandiose parties for the midnight countdown: Champagne tastings for a premium price; restaurants offering prix-fixe menus, also for a premium price; Times Square’s annual charade.

Yes, grandiose and lavish affairs…

…that I will never be apart of.

Unless you’re going to a house party, NYE in NYC is a general hassle. (Good luck getting that stale beer at the bar you paid $75 to get into, and even better luck finding a cab after midnight!)

So, generally, New Year’s Eve has been spent in the comfort (and safety) of our home.

When the bell struck midnight on January 1, 2015, His Lordship had his last straw.

“We’re not staying here for NYE next year.”

So after much research, we settled on an adults-only, all-inclusive resort in Ocho Rios, Jamaica, for a relatively decent price.

It was, hands down, the best decision we made all year. Here’s why:

The amateur hour is left behind. Okay, so there were a few individuals who may or may not took day drinking to the extreme, but as a whole, everyone was on the same easy-going page. I didn’t have to worry about running into drunken stragglers while heading out for my morning run or stepping into puddle of vomit when wandering through the streets. (All things you absolutely see on January 1 in New York City streets and cabs. Yes, crusted vomit in cabs. I’ve seen it.)

Flag up = beverage request. #goals
Flag up = beverage request. #goals

It still feels like the holidays. Sure, it wasn’t a white holiday per se, but Christmas day in Manhattan was a record-breaking 68˚F. (And now everyone is crying that it’s January 7 and getting colder…) Our resort still had a Christmas tree and decorations up upon our arrival, making everyone merry and bright regardless of missing a winter wonderland.

We were finally apart of an “epic” NYE party. The one thing I did not research was what the resort was hosting for New Year’s Eve. Cut to my surprise, when, the resort closed all of it’s restaurants for a grand fête, featuring a rooftop cocktail hour with passed hors d’oeuvres, oodles of food stations, and several bands putting on a show. And a countdown complete with Champagne. (Of course.)

It's fancy in Jamaica, mon!
It’s fancy in Jamaica, mon!

Waking up to sunshine and a beach on January 1 is nothing short of spectacular. This is not surprising.


Would we do this again?


Would I recommend this to anyone and everyone?

I think I already have.

One thought on “Out Of NYC For NYE.

  1. BEAUTIFUL! such a wonderful idea. and a good way to avoid winter (as in “igloos and Eskimos and penguins and ice!”)


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