Hello, it’s me.

A lot has been happening.

And, clearly, I haven’t had the time to sit down and write about it.

And, because my life is a neverending series of lists, it’s best I give an update in a manner as such:

A. I have a new job. I briefly mentioned this back in March when I PR’d in the New York City Half Marathon. It’s a sales position—something completely new to me and a bit out of my comfort zone. I travel a bit, which means that sometimes cooking falls by the wayside and running must be done on the hotel treadmill.

I also go to farms and visit cows for work. It's pretty neat.
I also go to farms and visit cows for work. It’s pretty neat.

Which brings me to my next point:

2. I’m back in full-on training mode. This time, for the International Lake Garda Marathon. And with my new work schedule, running either happens at 5 am, or during a Runmute home from the office. (Or not at all.)

On some days, His Lordship meets me in the park after my runmute with #roseallday.
On some days, His Lordship meets me in the park after my runmute with #roseallday.

Training hasn’t been the best due to shorter races leaving me fatigued and this GD heat wave that we have been suffering for what seems like eons. However, there are Two recent races I’d like to take note of:

NYRR Team Championships. Yep, I’m apart of a team (yep, it’s His Lordship’s), and this ran the annual Team Championship 5 mile race in the park. It’s a really, really fast race, and I most certainly went out too fast. Thank Christ for Harlem Hill as it forced me to slow down and put me back in my comfort zone. Unfortunately, my right leg started to pain and get sore, which made for a botched long run the following day. Nevertheless, I was super proud and pumped to be apart of the first (of many!) team runs!

Yep, terrible, terrible splits.
Yep, terrible, terrible splits.

Fire Island 5K. To sum up in two words, this race could be called “The Pits.” This was my third go at this race—and another attempt at an AG place—and this was, by far, the hottest and most humid edition I’ve ever been apart of. I raced with my handheld and played it smart and came in 11th female overall. (It was also a personal worst.) However, we had a boatload of teammates running, which made this feel like Team Champs round 2! I have no doubt this won’t be my last Run For Rose.

At least I managed to kick it up a bit.
At least I managed to kick it up a bit at the end.
Annual post-race party at Schooner's. Don't mind that my eyes are closed.
Annual post-race party at Schooner’s. Don’t mind that my eyes are closed.

3. Regardless of my schedule, I’m still finding some time to write recipes. (Spoiler alert: most of them involve carbohydrates.) Lucky for you, I’ve started to finally find a semblance of balance between my new schedule and my personal life, and really, truly miss writing, so I aim to be much more present.

And there’s no time like the present.



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