Must Reads

A collection of, not only my own, but other awesome articles worth a read:

One of my better pasta recipes:
Pasta with Mushrooms & Sausage

Two of my favorite things:
Pimento Cheese & Bacon Jam Sliders

When the rug got pulled out from underneath me and I went to Greece for my best friend’s wedding:
So, Here We Are

And then a lot of other stuff happened:
Up In The Air

Two magical words:
Brisket Tacos

My marathon PR:
Recap: Run for the Red Poconos Marathon

All of this is absolutely funny and incredibly accurate: 
Spectator’s Report: New York City Ironman
by the very fabulous Claire W. Gallagher

Kind words from a great friend:
The Amazing Benefit of Running With a Friend
by the wonderful Ali F. Cristiano

A perfect summation and perfect read:
Living With Anxiety, Searching for Joy
by Kat Kinsman

One of the greater restaurant reviews written in the past decade:
Restaurant Review: Lavo
by Sam Sifton